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The jobsite changes every minute…and so do the hazards! How can you control them?
How can you ensure “a workplace free from recognized hazards?” It isn’t easy, but ASHA can help!
Breathe a sigh of relief with ASHA’s Successful Safety Management services.
Know that you have:

  • Limited your Liabilities and Exposure to Lawsuits
  • as well as accidents, injuries, illnesses, toxic releases
  • Prevented Prosecution, Claims and Losses
  • Corrected and Controlled Hazards and Exposures
Have ASHA help you:

  • Use your money and manpower wisely, get the most bang for your safety buck.
  • Target your most important safety concerns then manage them cost-effectively.
Which safety issues threaten you most? Which threats are most severe & probable? Do an ASHA Safety & Health Survey & Review of Compliance IssuesIs your Written Safety & Health Management Program effective & comprehensive? Have ASHA write one that does the job; one that really works for you.
Training – Establish an Effective, Independently Verified 12 Month Training Plan Prioritizing Topics.
For example:
1 – Fall Protection, Ladders, Scaffolds & Openings
2 – Electrical Safety & Lock-Out
3 – CPR Training-First Aid & Emergency Action
4 – Hazardous Materials & Right-to-Know
5 – Asbestos, Lead & Cadmium
6 – Respiratory Protection
7 – Confined Space Entry
8 – Fork Lifts, Aerial Lifts, Cranes & Hoists
9 – Fire Safety, Extinguishers, Compressed Gasses & Welding
10 – Drugs, Alcohol & Reasonable Suspicion
11 – Motor Vehicles & Powered Equipment
12 – Ergonomics & Back Injury Prevention

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